Forced aeration Constructed Wetland with Filtralite-P substrate for phosphorus removal prototype

This week, the construction of the “Forced aeration Constructed Wetland with Filtralite-P substrate for phosphorus removal” prototype from the company Ecolagunas has been completed, in TWIST Open Water Living Lab (OWL2), located in CENTA facilities.

This prototype was constructed in the framework of an innovative research project (H2O / OP) of Ecolagunas to demonstrate and verify the behavior of a sustainable purification system using air flows, clays and plants, in order to design the most effective and optimal solution for the future design, execution and conservation of urban wastewater treatment facilities in rural areas and isolated from a general sanitation network, as well as for the control of phosphorus levels for sensitive areas.

An existing space has been used in the OWL2 facilities, adapting the technical design and materials to the aforementioned space. The system includes the use of a network of micro-perforated pipes, located at the bottom of the vessel, an expanded clays substrate (Filtralite P), a cover of specific plants (Typha latifolia), a forced aeration system and a regulation and remote control of the process system.

Ecolagunas has the collaboration of several technological partners (Filtralite, eCivile, STEC and Ecoterrae) and the evolution of the project can be followed through a monitoring web platform and various webcams.