Did you know that you can change the world with TWIST?

2030… 50% of world population suffering of water scarcity… And more, if you know that today, only 40% of European bodies have a good ecological status. What will we become?

Water wars, like World Bank ex-vice president predicted? Health crisis, food security, damaged environment, economic crisis, social impact… billions of people, including you, your beloved ones… we will all suffer from this lack of water for our basic needs.

But is there a way to change this pathway?

Yes! 5 letters: TWIST. Develop innovative solutions that will reduce pressure on water bodies through an open innovation process.

But how?

Through water oriented living labs where all of us – citizens, water specialists from academy, business and government, will explore, test and evaluate potential new solutions.

How can we make the urban water cycle a closed one and linked with other cycles? How can we use nutrients from wastewater resources in agriculture and new production processes? Are there other ways to produce energy from wastewater? How can we reuse wastewater for agriculture, irrigation and street cleaning? How can we make the most of wastewater treatment technologies? Only together, we’ll find the most suitable and innovative solutions!

Get on board and come with us in this journey into the sustainable and circular smart water future, where water will be available for all, with good quality and resilience against the impacts of climate change. Together, we will make real this water vision for Europe.

The change is in our hands. A small change like participating in the innovation process can make a big difference in the future.

Are you ready to turn today water challenges into solutions for a brighter future to our kids?