T1 – Stakeholder analysis and characterization of innovation processes at regional level

  • Identification of stakeholders involved in innovation processes at regional level
  •  Analysis of regional innovation opportunities in Smart Specialization
  • TWIST common strategy for capitalization of opportunities in Smart Specialization

T2 – Creation of three Living Laboratories for the management, treatment, recycling and recovery of products in waste water

  • Common methodology for the creation, implementation and management of three Living Labs
  • Workshops for the co-creation of the Living Labs
  • Research and experimentation in the three Living Labs

L-Lab Spain – Open Water Lab 2 – OWL2 – Wastewater treatment and reuse

L-Lab France – LaViSO – Wastewater treatment and infrastructure management

L-Lab Portugal – Urban Living Living in Lisbon, uL3 – Reuse of waste water and recovery of resources (water, nutrients and energy)

T3- Analysis of results obtained in the Living Laboratories and exploitation of market opportunities

  • Analysis of market opportunities for tested solutions in the three Living Labs
  • Market study of validated solutions in the three Living Labs

T4 – Capacity building for regional development and job creation

  • Development of training materials on Innovative Public Procurement
  • Organization of national events for the development of innovation capacities in the water sector
  • Creation of a Transnational Business School for capacity building in innovation

T 5 –Capitalization and transfer of results to other SUDOE regions

  • National seminars to develop synergies with other regions
  • Creation of “External Institutes and Utilities Interest Group”
  • Roadmap for TWIST future projects
  • Development of TWIST Market Place, a virtual catalog with the innovative solutions tested in the Living Labs