H2Orizon was the first event where TWIST had a presence

Junta Andalusia with the Regional Ministries of the Environment and Agriculture, organized for the first time an Event of Innovation and Water Technology, H2ORizon, under the theme “Efficient water management in the digital world”.

H2Orizon was the first event where TWIST project was present.

The project dissemination has been made with the exposition of Roll UP and Leaflets in the stand of the Regional Ministry of the Environment, where CENTA was exposing his work, and in the stand of Portuguese Water Partnership and Andalusian Knowledge Agency.

Further, Carlos Aragón, from CENTA, made a presentation in InnovHub, under the theme “CENTA: the center for the research, development, innovation and transference in the field of water”, where he approached the different projects runnig in CENTA, among them the TWIST Project.

Also Juan José Salas made a presentation about “Wastewater treatment in small populations: the pending subject” where made reference to the TWIST project.

The event took place between September 19 and 21 in Seville with Portugal as guest of honor.

H2Orizon was inaugurated by the regional Minister for Environment of Andalusia, José Fiscal, with the presence of the Secretary of State of the Environment of Portugal, Carlos Martins.