Mid-term report on TWIST Living Labs

TWIST creates an innovative model of transnational and trans-regional organization and collaboration for the co-creation, experimentation and evaluation of innovative products through 3 Living Laboratories (l-Labs). These take advantage of existing experimental infrastructures in Andalusia, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Lisbon, selected for the availability of access to wastewater and the existing trans-regional cooperation between neighbouring regions (Andalusia + Murcia; Lisbon + Alentejo; Nouvelle-Aquitaine + Occitanie). Each l-Lab will specialise in different and complementary aspects:

  • in Spain, Open Water Lab (OWL2) will specialise in wastewater treatment and regeneration,
  • in France, Laviso Living Lab will specialise in solutions for wastewater treatment and associated infrastructure management,
  • in Portugal, Urban Lisbon Living Lab (uL3) will specialise in wastewater treatment for reuse and resource recovery (water, nutrients and energy).

In each Living lab all the members of the partnership (according to their different profiles) will support these recipients in the different phases of the development of their innovations: conception, search for funding sources, implementation in the L-Lab, validation, intellectual protection and promotion in the SUDOE space market. The role of the associates will favour that the living lab is a real meeting place for all the quadruple helix agents. The TWIST project contemplates the organization of a series of promotion and co-creation workshops to involve the key actors in the experimentation process. These participatory workshops are aimed at target groups of the Quadruple Helix in all participating regions.

The mid-term report on TWIST Living Labs includes the interim state of the living labs, the steps taken to implement them, which include:

  • the institutions involved in the constitution of the Living Labs
  • the advances in the definition of internal management and regulation,
  • the available resources and technology,
  • the target groups contacted, and
  • the current services offered

The mid-term report on TWIST Living Labs can be consulted HERE.