Low carbon wastewater treatment systems will be tested in TWIST Living Lab OWL2

TWIST Living Lab OWL2, located in Carrión de los Céspedes (Seville), will host three systems for the treatment of low carbon wastewater: EXTensive systems based on the sun, improved in performance and environmental footprint, with a surface requirement below 1 m2 / PE.

Specifically, the following technologies, will be constructed and validated in TWIST Living Lab OWL2 facilities:

  • Innovative high rate algae ponds (HRAP) that supply free O2 by microalgae and new low E mixing system (<0.08 kWh/m3) will include air injection automatically during winter conditions.
  • New generation constructed wetlands: mixing of aerated wetlands and improved Rhizoshph’air system to obtain reusable treated WW, advanced denitrification (<5 mg N/L) and high pathogen removal (E. coli <1,000 MPN/100mL).
  • Innovative helophytes filters in flotation, equipped with photovoltaic (PV) power-based aeration system to improve performance (E <0.2 kWh/m3, P and N removal 70-85%).

This activities are being developed in partnership with LIFE INTEXT project which is a project that the Center for New Water Technologies, CENTA, coordinator of TWIST project, also participates.

More about the INTEX project

The INTEXT project, co-financed by the LIFE program, aims to develop innovative solutions based on a combination of INTENSIVE and EXTENSIVE technologies for wastewater treatment and reuse to address water scarcity in small communities, profiting from the benefits both types of technologies provide. It will also supply an intelligent monitoring and evaluation system for the consistent operation of technologies and criteria to support operators’ decision-making process in real time.

The website of INTEX project is available at: www.life-intext.eu