Living Lab Workshop Lisbon – 6 June, Alcântara

On June 6th, a workshop will be held at the Alcântara Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) to present the TWIST project, a debate on innovation in the water sector and the concept of Urban Lisboa Living Lab.

The TWIST – Transnational Strategy for Water Innovation includes three live laboratories. These laboratories will be central in the development of the project because it is the place where the processes of experimentation and evolution of innovative solutions in the management of waste water will be carried out.

In the case of Portugal, the development of the Urban Lisbon Living Lab is planned for the reuse of waste water and recovery of resources.

After this workshop in Portugal, the next event on Living Labs will take place in Seville, on a date to be announced very soon.

These workshops have as target companies, research centers and other public and private entities interested in developing regional innovation processes and smart specialization.