Wastewater projects together to cooperate

The 4KET4Reuse project invited CEMOWAS project and the TWIST project to realize a joint session to present the work developed in each of the projects and make a reflection on possible forms of cooperation and capitalization of future actions.

Nazaré Couto, from FCT Nova, and Carlos Aragón, from CENTA, presented the 4KET4Reuse project that develops innovative technologies to eliminate emerging contaminants from effluents from wastewater treatment plants and thus ensure safer reuse of these waters.

Diana Henriques, from Lisboa E-Nova presented the CEMOWAS project that will develop territorial strategies oriented to circular economy and will implement demonstrative actions to study and demonstrate the feasibility of concrete solutions for organic waste and wastewater.

Carmo Campelo Ribeiro, from Portuguese Water Partnership, presented the  project that aims to create Living Laboratories for the development of innovative solutions in the domain of Waste Water promoting the circular economy and compliance with the Water Framework Directive.

The session was held on October 29 at the Library Auditorium of the Faculty of Science and Technology that belongs to NOVA University of Lisbon.